15-Aug-2018Cheval, FL +15 milesBirds for Sale
Male sun conures. 9 month old. Has DNA certificate. I am selling with the cage, food and toys. I am moving out of the country and I am unable to take him with me. He is very sweet and love to cuddle. He doesn't bite and do a few tricks. Ad number: #363541217 Contact: Erika Comarazamy City: Lutz Zip: 33558 Price: $400.00
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hi Hi Hi!!!! My name is Benny and I'm the light blue Budgie with distinguished white head. The other budgie, the turquoise 1 with the yellow head is my bff, Titan. He's kinda shy so I get to do all the talking! We actually met at Foster Mom's house and hit it off so well that we are inseparable now. You know how it is when you and someone just "click"? We clicked so well that Foster Mom promise...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hello all potential adopters! My name is Irwin and I am a very distinguished looking Crimson Rosella. The humans think I am around 17 yrs old - but no 1 is really sure. With the right care, love and lots of attention, we Rosellas can live to be 30yrs or more. Not much is known about my past - hey we all have our secrets don't we?? The past is not important - it's my future that I am concerned a...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Good Day, Everybody! I'm here to introduce myself, Gandolph, and my cute little pal, Pearl. I'm the nice looking green feathered fellow otherwise known as a Jenday Conure. I am sixteen years old which is still young, as we Jenday Conures can live to be 30 or more if taken care of properly. My lovable girl, Pearl, is the pretty 1 and she is a cockatiel. She is 27 yrs old and doing fantastic. Now...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hello there, Everybody!!! I am Simba, a lively Quaker Parrot. If you would like to find all kinds of details about me, please go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monk_parakeet. I received a clean bill of health from the vet and I am currently staying with a couple of odd bird humans who seem to think they speak my language. I so enjoy watching them make funny faces and these strange noises. LOL...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hello to all of you! Let me introduce myself and also tell you a little bit about me and my arrival into Florida Parrot Rescue. My name is Bud - short and to the point!!! I am a 15yr old quaker parrot. We can live to be 30yrs or older with the right care and attention. Just like you humans, the better we are taken care of the longer our life span. The reason I am in Rescue is that my 1 and only...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hello everyone!! Let me introduce myself, my name is Maxi and I m a loving, low maintenance, Maximillion Pionus. Florida Parrot Rescue seem to think I am around 6yrs young, so we will go with that age. No 1 knows for sure because my previous family said I was a rescue bird from Key West Fl. My previous family has loved me very much in the time they have had me, but now they are moving into an a...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hi everybody!! My name is Rosie and I am a lovely green wing Macaw. I have visited a vet since coming into Rescue and I have been given a clean bill of health. I can honestly say that I am not much trouble at all. I have a brand new large home so no need to worry as where to keep me. I could use a few more toys, though. Now remember I would need large size toys and we do like to chew on wood ju...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hi!! Let me introduce myself my name is Nona and I m a gorgeous cinnamon- colored cockatiel. My previous human companion surrendered me to Florida Parrot Rescue because I was caged with a male and this was causing me to lay quite a lot of eggs. As a result of egg laying, I developed some medical issues. Too much egg-laying is not good for we birdies so I had to be permanently removed from the c...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hola Amigos! My name is Cuca and I will tell you so over and over again! I am a exquisite, fully grown Cherry Head Conure. No 1 knew my name when I 1st came to Rescue but I quickly let my foster mommy know it's Cuca! When I arrived to FPR I was not in the best of health, but the precious FPR volunteers took nice care of me and now I am happy, healthy and ready to go to my forever home. I have a...
7-Aug-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
All adopters at attention! My name's Captain. I'm a "Sunday" (that is, Jenday/Sun Conure mixture) and I'm roughly 14 yrs old. Potential homes please be advised that I'm what's considered a class-A "extremely great bird." Articles of merit thus far include: Highly affectionate - you kiss me, I kiss back. I've been known to fall asleep with my face pushed against yours. Relatively Quiet - that me...
28-Jul-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
African grey parrot hand reared Henbird for sale talks and loves attention for sale through no fault of her own just don't have the time to put into her comes with her cage and have all the paper work for her. Ad number: #358416667 Contact: larry City: Tampa, FL Zip: 33602 Price: $250
7-Jul-2018Tampa, FL +27 milesBirds for Sale
Hello. My name is Leo. I'm extremely shy but I *am* an Amazon, so I can be pretttty vocal if there is something that I want you to know. At the moment, my vocal skills are limited to "Amazon-ese" but my foster dad still thinks I might have some hidden English language talents. I overheard the nice doctor tell my foster dad that I'm on "the younger side" (estimated to be under 20) and very healt...
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